Background Innolab

Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management (TSIEM) trains the specialists in the field of Economics. It was established in 1980, on January 31st on the basis of the Faculty of Economics of the Turkmen State University and named “Turkmen Institute of National Economy”. On April 14, 2008, according to which the Turkmen Institute of National Economy was renamed “Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management”. TSIEM has Faculties of Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing and Professional Development. At present, 14 scientific research works on various industry areas of the economy are conducted by the departments. Their results are implemented in the ministries and agencies of the country. TSIEM is highly focused in Economics Development and integration of education, science and production.

TSIEM Innovation Laboratory is based on the TEMPUS project INOCAST’s goal: “creation of innovation centers in Central Asia for innovation catalization in the knowledge triangle concept: research – education – business.

TSIEM INOCAST InnoLab has been opened in close cooperation with the partners, as the main field of the InnoLab will be a software development.


The main goals are:

  • Establish an effective collaboration with enterprises, industry, partners in order to provide assistance in development products and services through research-oriented projects, trainings, mobility and consultation.
  • Increase a research output and the incubation of innovation
  • Establish a cooperation between TSIEM and business


The aims are as follows:

  • To boost research cooperation between TSIEM and practitioners, industry;
  • To provide an opportunity for students to develop an idea and realize it;
  • To contribute to the course development of the business, tax, education process, development new knowledge, skills, data, analysis;
  • To increase visibility as research center to wider community;
  • To attract sponsorship for TSIEM research activities, work on the grant applications through developing wider network of partnerships.


Based on the analysis, the Innolab will be very useful for the organizations, entrepreneurs and students to search and find new innovative approaches for software development. In addition, it will allow students to learn the whole process and develop a system. The significant support can be provided by Techno park in doing the research work, approbation.

In the period of economic development of the country, the new competences, skills should be applied. The Ministry of Finance and Economy will provide support in economics legislation, regulations fields, Union of Entrepreneurs will be involved in providing the training activities based on the private sector needs/enterprises demands. Techno park will share the information on results of the research in different fields and collaborate.